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How 3D Printing is Changing the World

How 3D Printing is Changing the World

Check out our infographic showing all the ways 3D printing technology is changing global industries

Learn when 3D printing started and how the technology has rapidly evolved since that time to catalyze sea changes in the longstanding industries of healthcare and manufacturing, including aviation and automotive.

Across the globe, various 3D printing materials are being sourced to feed the growing demand for 3D-printed parts and objects. Manufacturers like HP® are leading the way with revolutionary 3D printing technologies, such as the HP Metal Jet industrial printer, which help to vastly increase production volumes and expedite time to market.

View our below infographic for more details on how 3D printing is advancing in commercial and educational applications, and also its environmental impact and e-waste.

How 3D Printing is Changing the World Infographic

Infographic transcription:

The impact of 3D printing

Environmental impact
Commercial impact
Many industries are relying on 3D printing to differentiate their businesses in terms of:
1) Quality
2) Speed
3) Customization
  • 93% of companies that use 3D printing reduce time-to-market
  • Prototyping (55%), production (43%) and Proof of Concept models (41%) are the three most popular 3D printing applications in 2018
  • HP Metal Jet is a leading innovative technology that is fast-tracking global industrial applications
  • HP Metal Jet allows manufacturers in numerous industries to produce high volumes of parts, making them 50x more productive

Industry examples:

Automotive industry
  • 3D printing allows rapid prototyping
  • Ford used 3D printing to make car parts for testing, saving up to $493,000 per month
  • Manufacturers are using 3D printing to develop aircraft
  • GE used 3D printing to create a new turboprop engine called the GE Catalyst
  • Engine designers combined 855 separate parts into just 12 using 3D printing
  • Boeing plans to begin using 3D-printed titanium parts to construct a 787 Dreamliner jet
  • This is projected to save $3 million on each jet
Healthcare industry
Educational impact
Thanks to 3D printing, children are now learning about:
Learn more about 3D printers, including HP®'s industrial metal printer and how 3D printers work on HP® Tech Takes.

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