Sales tax exemption

How we handle sales tax

HP is required to collect sales tax in every state for purchases made on our Web site. The tax amount is based on the shipping address. Orders are taxed unless you provide valid sales tax exemption documentation or the shipping address is in a state with no state sales tax.

We validate exemption requests after orders are placed, so your order will initially include sales tax. When your exemption documentation is received and validated, a credit will be issued against your initial order's original form of payment.

How to request a sales tax exemption

  1. Fill out the exemption request form with your name, sales order number (starts with an H), and the name of the exempt organization for which the purchase was made.
  2. Attach your state sales tax exemption documentation if not already on file with HP Inc.
  3. Send the request by email to
    Please mention the order number which is mandatory to request tax exempt which starts with H3XXXXXXXX.

Reseller Process

If you are a reseller, follow steps 1 to 2 above and send the request by email

Sales Tax Exempt Entity Verification Requirement

Recurring Tax Exemption Process

Documentation requirements

Please review your state's requirements for exemption documentation and ensure that all required names, signatures, and dates are included.

We'll contact you if we can't validate your exemption documentation.