Nurture your child's growth in education through supplementary
e-learning. Buy an HP laptop or desktop and get a comprehensive
Smartschool content for free

E-learning is effective and
highly accessible

On top of standard school subjects, students nowadays have better access to smart digital content to widen their knowledge. Interactive teaching animations have been proven effective in helping students achieve better curricular results while enjoying the learning process.

Together with HP and Smartschool, students are now able to better understand difficult concepts through high quality digital content like animations, key points, quizzes, interactive simulations, assessment platforms, at their own convenience.

The HP and Smartschool Bundle

Purchase any of these made-for-education HP laptops and desktops
and get a complimentary

Convertible laptop

Lightweight and flexible, perfect for group learning and knowledge sharing.

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Standard laptop

Great perfromance and long-lasting battery for all-day productivity.

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AIO desktop

Durable build and bigger screen for immersive learning in the comfort of your home.

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Key Highlights of
Smart School Solution

SmartSchool Solution is easily accessible on your computer and is able to run
with or without internet connection.

How to Redeem

SmartSchool Solution is easily accessible on your computer and is able to run
with or without internet connection.

Buy HP laptops/desktops from the eligible models highlighted above.

Post purchase, visit www.redeemnow.in/hp-smartchild-program , enter your order id, select the standard for which you want content and pay nominal processing fee. You will receive an email/SMS from our end within 72 hours with the status of validation.

If validation is successful, you will receive a kit containing pen drive for standard chosen, user manual and 3 scratch cards (one for standard chosen and other two for next subsequent standards, if they exist) within 30 working days at delivery address chosen for placing the order. For any support, please drop a mail to: support@redeemnow.in

Each scratch card should be used to activate content for one standard only in a year. Plug in pen drive received in your HP laptop/desktop and activate its content using the scratch card provided. For next two standards, content can be downloaded from the links mentioned in user manual received and then activated using the scratch cards provided. Please make sure that only one standard’s content is activated in a year.

For any query related to digital content, please get in touch with:-

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