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  1. Center facing
    HP Prelude Backpack 15.6
    • Beautifully organized
    • Carry in comfort
    • World-class support
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  2. Nanoflow X GLASSX Liquid Screen Protector (Include coating service*)
    Nanoflow X GLASSX Liquid Screen Protector (Include coating service*)
    • Product Characteristics:
    • 9H Scratch Resistant
    • HD Clarity
    • Smooth Surface
    • Pure liquid Glass
    • Shatter Resistant
    • Wipe On Application
    • Works on edged Devices
    • Invisible Screen Protection
    • Protects up to 3 mobile phones
    • Application Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYqgZsHCVHU
    • Package Contents:
    • Spraygard x 1 pc
    • Glass X x 1 pc
    • Microfiber Cloths x 4 pcs
    • Alcohol Wipe x 3 pcs
    • Gloves
    • Terms and Conditions
      1. For non-HP branded product or service. Product support, maintenance and inquiries are provided by the service provider's designated service provider or agent. For detailed terms and conditions of the products and services, please refer to the instructions in the product packaging. For technical support and customer service, please contact the product supplier Nanoflow X [Tel: (852) 2369-2910].
      2. The above product information and details are provided by the product supplier. If there is any ambiguity, error, misleading or doubtful part, please contact the relevant product supplier or agent directly (Nanoflow X Tel: (852) 2369-2910]. HP is not responsible.
      3. This product is a non-HP branded product or service and HP is not responsible for any compensation, loss or liability arising out of or relating to the product or service.
      4. HP reserves the right to change the product information and terms and conditions on the website at any time. Any changes to the above terms will be posted on the HP Hong Kong website without further notice to the customer.
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2 Items

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