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HP Store: Prince Edward /Wanchai / MongKok / Shum Shui Po I Sales Hotline: 8100 3082 Sales Hotline Service Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30am – 6:30om (Except Public Holiday )Terms and conditions apply

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HP Store Location

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營業時間: 週一至週日 11:00-20:00

電話: (852) 3704 7100

電子郵件: wanchai@hpdirect.com.hk

Card image cap +852 5644 3010
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營業時間: 週一至週日 11:00-20:00

電話: (852) 3105 9796

電子郵件: prince_edward@hpdirect.com.hk

Card image cap +852 6284 4977
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營業時間: 週一至週日 12:00 - 21:00

電話: (852) 3427 9520

Card image cap +852 9131 7010
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營業時間: 週一至週日 11:30 - 20:30

電話: (852) 3188 4971

Card image cap +852 6757 8284

Terms and conditions :
Services cannot be used in conjunction with other offers/ promotions, discounted/promotion priced items will not be eligible. Services are only eligible for regular purchases of Spectre, Envy, Pavilion, HP Essential, OMEN by HP series personal notebook computers. Services are limited to customers who purchase from HP Hong Kong Official Store or HP Hong Kong online store. Services are only available on presentation of the original receipt and phone reservation at HP Official Store Hotline for appointment. 1. Trade-in service is limited to personal notebook computers, and the service is only applicable in physical store. The offer is subject to the relevant terms and conditions. Please check with the in-store staff for details. 2. Data transfer service must be redeemed within 30 days after purchase. Data access may not exceed 10 GB. HP shall not be liable for any errors or omissions resulting from the use or the inability to use of service. Please see here for details. 3. Free hard disk upgrade service must be redeemed within 30 days after purchase. HP will only assist in installation process. HP shall not be responsible or liable for any operation or quality issue of third party parts of any kind. 4. For details of 10-day money back guarantee service, in order to process your refund, customer must contact our customer service representative at 8100 3081 within 10 days from the date of purchase. The product will be checked by HP Hong Kong Service Center to confirm that the product quality does not meet the production standard. Your refund will be process if it is confirmed to be defective. See https://store.hp.com/hk-en/default/returns for details. 5. For details of HP WHATSAPP hotline, please check with the HP store staff. 6. The notebook computer repair and consignment service is limited to the notebook computer within warranty period. HP and its partners only play the role of consignment in repairing consignment services. If the product is lost during the consignment process, we will only be responsible for compensating the current market value of the lost item and will not be responsible for other losses. There is possibility that the data in the computer may lose due to maintenance or stolen by third party. You should consider backing up, storing or deleting relevant information. HP and its partners are not responsible for any loss or misappropriation of electronic product memory. 7. Please call our service hotline 8100-3081 for the notebook rental service 8. For details of HP WHATSAPP hotline, please check with the HP store staff. In case of any disputes over the above services and terms, the decision of HP and its partners shall be final.

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