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What is the HP OMEN Command Center?

What is the HP OMEN Command Center?

Check out our video on the ins and outs of the HP OMEN Command Center

The HP OMEN Command Center is software that helps to monitor and improve your gaming computer's system and boost network performance.
In addition to monitoring the graphics processing unit (GPU), the central processing unit (CPU), and random access memory (RAM), the HP OMEN Command Center also includes tools to help overclock your gaming PC and supercharge your gamplay, particularly when engaged in furious battle royales or competitive online multiplayer games.
Watch our in-depth video walkthrough of the HP OMEN Command Center to get useful tips on how to optimize your gaming rig and elevate your in-game experience.
Configuration options galore can be found within the HP OMEN Command Center, a powerful software suite that HP® created specifically to give gamers an edge.
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