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HP OMEN X Gaming PC Unboxing

HP OMEN X Gaming PC Unboxing

Check out our video on unboxing and setting up the the powerful HP OMEN X gaming tower

The HP OMEN X pushes gaming towers to the max. It is designed to be a highly upgradeable and customizable gaming rig, allowing pro gamers to avoid compromising on their coveted gaming experience and performance.
With a spacious, cubic interior protected by a galvanized steel case, which enables easy access to internal components like graphics cards or the liquid cooling unit, you can be sure your gaming PC will offer easy upkeep long into your gaming career.
Watch our unboxing video below to get an inside look at the best features and functional design of the HP OMEN X gaming desktop.
So now you know what is inside an HP OMEN X gaming tower...but the real question is, what are you going to add, upgrade, swap in (and out)? With so much component space, there are unlimited options and ways to configure the gaming PC of your dreams.
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