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How to Pick Computers for Classrooms: An Educator's Guide

How to Pick Computers for Classrooms: An Educator's Guide

Check out our infographic teaching educators how to pick the right HP computers for their classrooms

Learning in the classroom has changed drastically during the digital age. Educators have access to a wide variety of tech tools designed to enhance the student academic experience.
  • 61% of students agree that digital learning technology was helpful for exam preparation
  • 60% of students found that computers in the classroom helped significantly improve their grades [1]
How to Pick Computers for Classrooms Infographic

Benefits of using computers in the classroom

  • Increased research opportunities
  • Flexible learning and teaching methods
  • Improved assignment and calendar organization
  • Advanced working computer skills
  • Increased online collaboration with peers
  • Reduced paper waste
Choosing the right computer for your classroom is a key piece to enhancing your learning space.

Elementary school

Students between the ages of 5 and 11 focus on:

  • Word processing
  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Creative thinking
  • Collaboration
Our elementary computer pick: HP c410 20-inch all-in-one desktop computer

HP all-in-one desktop computers offer:

  • Interactive large display screens
  • Optimal processing power
  • Operating system compatibility for educational program downloading

Great for:

  • Foreign language learning programs
  • Creative expression
  • Learning to type on a full-sized keyboard
  • Larger typefaces for reading and math programs

Middle school

Students heading into their early teens focus on:

  • Essay writing
  • Novel reading
  • Note taking and research
  • Perceptive thinking
Our middle school computer pick: HP Chromebook G6 EE 11-inch laptop

HP Education Edition Chromebooks offer:

  • Lightweight portability
  • Long-lasting 10-hour battery life
  • High-powered AMD A4-9120C processing

Great for:

  • Learning how to code
  • Word document processing
  • Calendar creation and organization
  • Introduction to WebQuest lesson formats

High school

Rounding out their final years in grade school, high school students mature their fact and opinion-based thinking through:
  • High-level critical thinking
  • Writing literacy
  • Project ideation
  • Leadership
  • Defined collaborative skills
Our high school computer pick: HP c0025xt 22-inch all-in-one desktop

HP all-in-one desktop computers offer:

  • Sprawling touch screen-enabled display
  • High-speed connectivity options
  • Expansive HDD storage to accommodate large workloads

Great for:

  • Interactive group collaboration
  • Video-learning software operation
  • High-quality resolution for digital design classes


Operating with more academic independence, college students hone in on their strong suits and begin to actualize how to turn their interests into career paths. Taking on complex theories and encountering intricate data sets, college students are at the peak of their educational careers.
Our college classroom computer pick: HP Chromebook x360 G1 EE 11-inch laptop

HP Education Edition Chromebooks offer:

  • Supreme versatility between work and play
  • Exceptional Intel® Celeron® quad-core processing
  • Unparalleled printer compatibility

Great for:

  • Graphic design and image manipulation programs
  • Multi-disciplinary students with varied computing needs
  • Big data analysis
  • Website creation
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