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Time to Cut the Cord. Declutter Your Workspace.

Time to Cut the Cord. Declutter Your Workspace.

The fewer cords, the better. Are you unleashed?

No one likes a jumbled mess of cords and wires on their desk. Be honest with yourself: It's time to clear out the clutter and cut the cord on cords. Workers are moving toward elegant, small form-factor PCs that can make a big impact in a small space, whether it's open office seating, a team huddle room, or a home office.

Who needs a streamlined workspace, anyway?

“Workers spend a majority of their time at their desks, but still have the need for a beautifully-designed device,” says HP Desktops Marketing Project Manager Noe Smith. Whether it's the receptionist's desk, or at a table with colleagues, space is always at a premium.

The tiny, powerful hub of your new workspace

Besides looking cool (and being small), HP Elite Slice Desktop has cable-free connectivity and is the first commercial desktop that can be powered from a display[1]. You can add on stackable modules, including an audio module, a one-touch collaboration cover, an optical drive, a wireless phone charger, a conference audio control panel, and a VESA mount (so you can get it off your desk entirely)[2]. Need a little extra security? You can log on with the optional fingerprint sensor, too!

Just a streamlined desk? I want to streamline my whole office!

With the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms, it's totally possible. This conference room-ready PC is a lot like its sibling, but it comes configured with a collaboration cover right out of the box: The cover has stop/start buttons and volume control at hand's reach. With its Bang & Olufsen speakers, it'll make your team on the other end of the line sound crystal clear. And you don't have to fumble for the HDMI anymore - just connect wirelessly with Intel® Unite™[2].

Is there such a thing as a streamlined monitor?

There sure is. The HP EliteDisplay E243M 23.8-inch monitor is the perfect partner for your HP Elite Slice. You can connect it to your PC, notebook, tablet, or phone with a single USB-C&trade cable. It also looks cool from every angle and reduces desk clutter with just two cables[1].

Hey, what if I need to charge my phone?

Who doesn't? “Personal electronics are taking higher priority on the desk,” says Smith. The HP EliteDisplay S240uj has a wireless charging pad on its base, and the HP Elite Slice can be topped off with a wireless charging cover, too[1].
This is all very cool. But I think I still need the power of a tower.
We get it! Some people do (and if you're one of them, be sure to check out all the cool specs on the HP EliteDesk 800 Desktop Tower). But for most users, small is good - and getting better. “As small form computers evolve, you're going to see them get more powerful and more expandable,” Smith says. “We're just getting started.”
Check out all the specs on the HP Elite Slice Desktop, the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms, and the HP EliteDisplay S240uj Wireless Charging Monitor to see if they're a good fit for your desk.
[1] Requires HP EliteDisplay S240uj or other USB type-C™ compatible display. Powers Slice with Collaboration Cover, will not power additional Slice modules. Connections power up to 60 Watts. Refer to Power Output in product QuickSpecs for exact specifications. PC must be compatible with the monitor's power output.
[2] HP Slice for Meetings includes HP Slice with Intel® Unite™ software, HP Collaboration Cover and HP Audio Module. Other modules are sold separately. Covers are optional, require factory configuration, and cannot be combined with other Slice covers. Connector can only be used to connect HP Elite Slice modules. Skype for Business subscription required.

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