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10 Innovative Mobile Options

10 Innovative Mobile Options

You didn’t know existed

Sometimes, new technology comes along so fast and furious that it’s tough to keep pace. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s generally available, everything seems to get reinvented overnight.
Nowhere has this been more evident than with laptop PCs, which continue to add extraordinary capabilities to help small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) operate more efficiently and grow.
Here are 10 new and useful laptop options that might surprise you:

1. Laptops in leather

Okay, this won’t help you run the office more efficiently or get customers to sign on the dotted line, but fancy leather laptops posing as portfolios sure could be conversation starters in any client meeting.
Last fall, HP® introduced a 100 percent chromed tan, full-grain leather-covered version of its Spectre convertible laptop that is as pleasing to the touch as it is to look at. This durable material provides a natural hinge and flexible chassis to enable a breakthrough new form factor.
At the same time, its aesthetic appeal, with accented stitching and precision edging, creates a sophisticated, luxurious quality that’s often associated with fashion but rarely seen in PCs. The HP Spectre Folio is available in two colors: Cognac Brown and Bordeaux Burgundy.

2. Webcam covers

We’ve seen enough horror movie trailers to know there’s always some bad guy lurking out there who knows how to look through your digital peepholes (your webcams) to secretly watch your every move. All fiction aside, this is a real security threat that can be devastating to businesses if cybercriminals manage to spy your private activities or glance at confidential documents on your desks or whiteboards.
Fortunately, HP® has released versions of its EliteBooks (830, 840 and 850) with small, sliding webcam covers. Slide ‘em open when you use the webcam; shut ‘em when not-in-use. It’s simple and more visually pleasing than those pieces of masking tape or Post-It notes many people use instead.

3. Privacy camera “Kill Switch”

Another option for avoiding digital Peeping Toms is a privacy camera “kill switch,” now included in the HP Spectre lineup. It allows users to electrically turn off the webcam when not-in-use. It also comes equipped with optional HP Sure View, an integrated privacy screen to help users avoid prying eyes in public areas, like the local Starbucks.

4. Portable printers

With millennials and Gen-Zers so focused on mobility these days, it’s easy to dismiss the new wave of portable printers as being strictly for smartphones. It is true that’s their primary function.
But if you do business on-the-road, and you sometimes find yourself having to rush back to the office or a local FedEx to print documents or photos for customers, you’ll be interested in HP’s OfficeJet Mobile Printers, priced under $200. They’ll help boost productivity and allow you to do your job while traveling to client sites or meeting with important partners.
The HP OfficeJet Mobile Printers sport long battery life and can print up to 500 pages on a single charge. You can also get supplemental mobile printer batteries or car chargers to extend their usability in the field.

5. Mice with fingerprint readers

Laptops with embedded fingerprint readers for logging-in are common these days. But did you know you can accomplish the same thing now just by touching a computer mouse?
A fingerprint reader is a security device that uses a scanned image of your fingerprint to authenticate who you are. With fingerprint security software you can log on to applications and secure Web sites by scanning your fingerprint instead of typing your username and password on the keyboard.
In December, HP® released a USB Fingerprint Mouse with a fingerprint sensor built right on top of the mouse’s housing. Starting around $49, it provides simple and direct biometric scanning to unlock the PC.

6. Outdoor viewable displays

Not long ago, Amazon marketed its Kindle portable readers around the ability of its screens to withstand glare from the sun. For outdoorsy types, it was great innovation that somehow escaped laptop PCs.
But last spring, HP® unveiled an optional, first-of-its-kind, outdoor viewable display in its HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3 small business convertible. It lets you work or play anywhere the day takes you, from low light to bright light, with an ultra-bright display. How many times have you wished for this?

7. Portable displays

Speaking of displays, one of the downsides of laptops has always been that, if you’re accustomed to working with dual monitors back at the office, it’s pretty tough to do that when you’re somewhere else.
HP solved for this with its HP EliteDisplay S14 Portable Monitor. Designed for those on-the-go, this portable display is powered by a single USB Type-C connection for easy connectivity to any USB-C notebook. And it fits easily into a backpack!

8. Fast charging

Laptop charging technology, often the bane of a remote workers’ existence, has come a long way the last several years. Where it once took hours to get a laptop charged-up enough to work again, with HP Fast Charge technology, you can now reach 50 percent of a full charge in just 45 minutes.[1] The technology is available on select HP ENVY PC models.

9. Active pens with homing signals

If you prefer using a stylus, or “active pen,” to draw or take notes on your laptop screen, you probably know those things can get left behind or lost pretty easily. Now, HP offers a rechargeable active pen that includes its own digital proximity alert that notifies you if you’ve left your pen behind. We could all use something like that for our credit cards and car keys, couldn’t we?

10. Immersive audio

First a disclaimer: this one can’t be found in laptops - yet. But it there are signs it’s coming.
Every laptop user knows that despite the best efforts of vendors, those tiny speakers in our computers tend to be limited in how much - or the quality of - sound they produce. At the same time, we’ve seen amazing sound emanating from small stereo speakers, so we know anything is possible.
In fact, HP Labs has developed a technology called Immersive Audio that uses advanced software processing to reproduce the immersive sound experience of a movie theatre in today’s increasingly slim consumer hardware devices.
It’s been integrated into the HP ENVY Curved 34 All-in-One monitor and HP Pavilion 24 and 27 All-in-One PCs. And according to Barbara Pickering, Innovation Manager for HP’s Personal Systems group’s Customer Experience and Portfolio Strategy team, it could be expanded to smaller devices like laptops in the future.
Laptop innovation is transforming all the time, especially with vendors like HP® constantly reinventing what business computers are all about.
Today, it’s possible to have a PC that is as sleek and cool to look at as it is to use and carry with you wherever you may choose to work. Keep checking for those ‘I wish I had’ options on HP.com…they might be here sooner than you think.
[1] Recharges your battery up to 50 percent within 45 minutes when the system is off (using “shut down” command). Recommended for use with the HP adapter provided with the notebook, not recommended with a smaller capacity battery charger. After charging has reached 50% capacity, charging speed will return to normal speed. Charging time may vary +/-10 percent due to System tolerance.

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