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Part Number: UN089PE

HP 1 year Post Warranty Pickup and Return Notebook Service

CHF 93.-

VAT incl.

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HP 1 year Post Warranty Pickup and Return Notebook Service
CHF 93.-VAT incl.
Extended coverage begins the date of PC purchase or PC ship date, whichever is later. You'll get the most coverage and value if you buy this plan when you purchase your PC. With HP Pick Up and Return Service, you’ll enjoy quick pickup, repair and return of your PC, shipping included. You’ll also have access to 24x7 technical support and extended coverage—while keeping your notebook covered by the manufacturer that knows it best. Multi-year options are available.



    Reliable support

    There are no deductibles, coverage limits or hidden fees. We’ll repair your device within 7 business days using HP original Parts and HP expertise.

    Here for you 7 days per week

    Connect with knowledgeable agents, available to you 7 days per week, and get the support you need.

    Free and easy shipping

    Does your PC need to be sent in for repair? Don’t worry! HP will mail you a pre-paid shipping label and box, so your repair shipping comes at no additional cost.

    Technical details

    Support typePickup and return
    Duration1 year
    Response timeRepaired within 3-7 business days
    Coverage windowStandard workdays - 9 hours
    Place of serviceOffsite
    Service methodDepot repair
    Logistics optionsCourier pick up and return
    Warranty coveragePost warranty
    Care Pack typeElectronic
    Registration requiredYes

    Suitable products

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    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1708nz (2N3M0EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0995nz (1F7F3EA)
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    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1801nz (2L1G9EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0552nz (263H4EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0995nz (1G8T1EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0902nz (16X90EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0995nz (1K5S6EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0909nz (2R1Z6EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1994nz (2H1U7EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0903nz (242V3EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0959nz (2R1Z7EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0759nz (2R1Z5EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1704nz (2H1U6EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1997nz (2H1V1EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ee0844nz (13G19EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0559nz (2R1Z3EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1552nz (2J6M9EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1908nz (2N3M1EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1996nz (2R6R4EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1902nz (2K9H9EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ee0796nz (13D08EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ee0944nz (13G20EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0708nz (1P8E2EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0079nz (262Y8EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0705nz (1G8T0EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0716nz (1F9F8EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0701nz (19M93EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0702nz (16X89EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0603nz (242U4EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ee0552nz (262Y9EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1772nz (2J6N0EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0509nz 6VS32EA (6VS32EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0992nz (1E6R9EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0701nz 8PS98EA (8PS98EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0600nz 4AU75EA (4AU75EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0996nz (13D07EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0900nz 4MJ53EA (4MJ53EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0799nz (16Y00EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ag0602nz 4PT22EA (4PT22EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0506nz (13F34EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr0566nz 6QA41EA (6QA41EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1977nz 7ZQ40EA (7ZQ40EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1506nz 8KL21EA (8KL21EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0604nz (13F42EA)
    • HP SPECTRE 13-h271nz x2 PC (G2A55EA)
    • HP Spectre 13-h270ez F0F69EA (F0F69EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0905nz 4UA27EA (4UA27EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1701nz 8PS35EA (8PS35EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1907nz 8AW53EA (8AW53EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr0997nz 6QC06EA (6QC06EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1905nz 8NG35EA (8NG35EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0907nz (3L201EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0602nz 6LB27EA (6LB27EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr0555nz 6RM27EA (6RM27EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-cn0867nz 5YY17EA (5YY17EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1705nz 8NH63EA (8NH63EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq0909nz 6VP63EA (6VP63EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0905nz 6RJ79EA (6RJ79EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0997nz (3K803EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-dr0509nz 6VS20EA (6VS20EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0644nz (13F43EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq1722nz 8PS72EA (8PS72EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1702nz (2R5V0EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-ed0502nz (16X87EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp187nz 2QF65EA (2QF65EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 - 15-ds0796nz (2R174EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 13-ba0507nz (3K267EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0994nz 6AX87EA (6AX87EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-aq040nz E9K46EA (E9K46EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1995nz (2Z0F9EA)
    • HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset (2CZ77EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ag0605nz 4RK23EA (4RK23EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0902nz (16Y31EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0770nz (2V1M4EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-ed0902nz (16X88EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0706nz 6QA36EA (6QA36EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 - 15-dr1906nz (8NJ96EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg0995nz (1F7G8EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0807nz 4PL86EA (4PL86EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ba0902nz (16Y34EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cp0700nz 5GW10EA (5GW10EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 13-ba0566nz (133T6EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1904nz (2R2S7EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-cn1500nz 5YX03EA (5YX03EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp145nz 3XX98EA (3XX98EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15-ed0801nz (19M92EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed0995nz (1G8S9EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ag0807nz 4MH04EA (4MH04EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0807nz (3K257EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0722nz 8PR22EA (8PR22EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1506nz (2R6S7EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq0609nz 6VR86EA (6VR86EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ba1602nz (2P2M9EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0706nz (13F35EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed0708nz (1L0F5EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0807nz 6PX68EA (6PX68EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0450nz 4PS49EA (4PS49EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed0908nz (1P8E1EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1905nz 8NH06EA (8NH06EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0950nz 4MJ51EA (4MJ51EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0702nz 6LG24EA (6LG24EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ds0701nz 8PT85EA (8PT85EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0706nz 4UA00EA (4UA00EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0704nz (1E6R6EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ba0502nz (16Y33EA)
    • HP ENVY X360 - 13-ar0606nz (9PU13EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0607nz 6QE86EA (6QE86EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0792nz (16X99EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-dr1996nz 7PX10EA (7PX10EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-ds0909nz 6VQ20EA (6VQ20EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1709nz (2R5U7EA)
    • HP ENVY 15-j179ez Notebook PC F9U61EA (F9U61EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr0955nz 6RT62EA (6RT62EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0997nz 5EV82EA (5EV82EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn1450nz 5GW88EA (5GW88EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-aq060nz E9N19EA (E9N19EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1502nz (2R2S6EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cp0904nz 5CQ49EA (5CQ49EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0909nz 6VR25EA (6VR25EA)
    • HP ENVY 15-j179nz Notebook PC K4D26EA (K4D26EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0994nz (13G18EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1100nzBundle 8PT51EA (8PT51EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0707nz 6QD61EA (6QD61EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0704nz (13G17EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-cn1999nz 5YX55EA (5YX55EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-ds0700nz 6LB30EA (6LB30EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp177nz 2VZ28EA (2VZ28EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1997nz (2R2S9EA)
    • OMEN by HP 15-dh0904nz (7JV09EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed0079nz (262Y6EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0707nz 4MH02EA (4MH02EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0992nz 7NA72EA (7NA72EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ag0750nz 7BX53EA (7BX53EA)
    • HP ENVY X360 - 13-ar0801nz (9QZ82EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn1707nz 5SU01EA (5SU01EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ag0550nz 7BY14EA (7BY14EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1706nz 8KL26EA (8KL26EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1706nz (2R5U6EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0995nz 6VJ07EA (6VJ07EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed0772nz (262Y7EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0900nz (1E6R8EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0805nz 4PS51EA (4PS51EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-dr0909nz 6VN25EA (6VN25EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 - 15-ds0696nz (9RH18EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0895nz 5GS11EA (5GS11EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0922nz 8PQ87EA (8PQ87EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1907nz (2R2S8EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1509nz (2R5U8EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp164nz 2QG00EA (2QG00EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0904nz (13G69EA)


    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1509nz (2H5Q2EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1900nz (2R6U6EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ay0709nz (2R1Z4EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1709nz (2H5Q3EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ee0809nz (14B98EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ee0509nz (14B97EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-ed1500nz (2R6U5EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0500nz 6EY25EA (6EY25EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0800nz 4AU73EA (4AU73EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0504nz 6QF50EA (6QF50EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0509nz (13G72EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0700nz 4AT91EA (4AT91EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn1800nz 5EN64EA (5EN64EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1900nz 8KU22EA (8KU22EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-bw0200nz 4AT90EA (4AT90EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cp0704nz 5CQ50EA (5CQ50EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0900nz (9YW89EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ah0500nz 4AU27EA (4AU27EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cp0409nz 5QV74EA (5QV74EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp160nz 2PM02EA (2PM02EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 15-ep0990nz (2R6V8EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ag0600nz 4AT69EA (4AT69EA)
    • HP ENVY x2 Detachable 12-g050nz 4CK00EA (4CK00EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq0900nz 6EW93EA (6EW93EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0600nz (9YW84EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ah0700nz 4AU80EA (4AU80EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0900nz 6EN96EA (6EN96EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 - 15-ds0503nz (8PU33EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 - 15-ds0503nz (8PU33EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-dr0600nz 6EN62EA (6EN62EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1904nz 8NF48EA (8NF48EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0604nz 8NF37EA (8NF37EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 13-ba0999nz (13G73EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ah1500nz 5EN69EA (5EN69EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0650nz 8NG49EA (8NG49EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1650nz 8NF93EA (8NF93EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-ah1700nz 5EN66EA (5EN66EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0509nz (14C14EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ag0300nz 4AW20EA (4AW20EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0600nz (9YW78EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0600nz (9YW78EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp150nz 2QF64EA (2QF64EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp170nz 3GB28EA (3GB28EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1600nz 8KS38EA (8KS38EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-dr1994nz 8NF66EA (8NF66EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp180nz 2PH05EA (2PH05EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0709nz (14B96EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 15-ep0700nz (2R472EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 13-ba0550nz (9YW91EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0500nz 4AU68EA (4AU68EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq0500nz 6EX24EA (6EX24EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert13-ar0509nz 8NH31EA (8NH31EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-ds0509nz 8NG68EA (8NG68EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr0994nz 6PZ11EA (6PZ11EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-ds0809nz 8NJ68EA (8NJ68EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1500nz (2R6V9EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 13-ay0900nz (9YW83EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0650nz 4AU72EA (4AU72EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn0850nz 4AU78EA (4AU78EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr0800nzBundle 6EL37EA (6EL37EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-cn1909nz 5YX84EA (5YX84EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 13-ar0600nz 6EM61EA (6EM61EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce0900nz 6EX76EA (6EX76EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn1699nz 5QU25EA (5QU25EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0500nz (9YW88EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-cg1900nz (2R6W0EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x2 Detachable 12-g090nz 4CP20EA (4CP20EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 17-ce1500nz 8KY49EA (8KY49EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-cn1600nz 5EN65EA (5EN65EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp154nz 2WB11EA (2WB11EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-bp169nz 3YA26EA (3YA26EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert 15-dr1800nz 8KW57EA (8KW57EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop 13-aq1509nz 8NG86EA (8NG86EA)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 17-cg0709nz (14C15EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0509nz (14B95EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 13-ba0500nz (9YW90EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY Laptop - 13-ba0500nz (9YW90EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Laptop - 15-ed0900nz (9YW86EA#UUZ)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-ds0844nz 8NH30EA (8NH30EA)
    • HP ENVY x360 Convert15-ds0804nz 6QC48EA (6QC48EA)


    • OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dc1794nz 7JV11EA (7JV11EA)


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      HP 1 year Post Warranty Pickup and Return Notebook Service

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