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HP Business Desktops Format




HP Professional Towers are equipped with powerful processors, security features, and the tools your business needs. Easy to set up, these towers have a scalable and functional design that can grow with your plans and goals. Customize your tower with expandable options that provide enterprise-class experience to meet virtually any business need. Maximize your investment while minimizing the total costs of ownership and give your business the strong foundation it needs for growth.


Don’t sacrifice size or power. Get the best of both with the professional HP Mini desktops. With complete capabilities of expansion, and a full line of security accessories this PCs fits almost anywhere for an enterprise-class solution. Enjoy stunning design, compact form, and amazing engineering you can customize to adapt your needs.


Get all the computing power your business demands with the immersive audio - visual experience you've been waiting for. These elegant and user friendly All-in-One PCs are designed to achieve your professional goals with manageability and security, enterprise-class collaboration technologies.

Small form factor

Small form factor

Our small form factor desktops PCs deliver from everyday computing to top-notch performance needs in a space-efficient design while minimizing your costs and footprint. Enjoy a unique portfolio of solutions in a compact, space-saving design. Perform like never before with highly customizable tools and new features.


The "maker spirit" has become the fabric of HP, our customers and partners for the past 76 years. The intersection of creativity and innovation has produced some of the greatest products of the past two decades. These desktops have been created with the aim and spirit of providing appropriate tools to entrepreneurs and inventors to carry out their ideas in the most accurate and immediate way possible.

Thin clients

Thin clients

Know more about our cloud computing solutions that deliver trustworthy reliability, easy deployment and use. Take to your workplace a powerful and seamless desktop experience with enhanced security, and premium client virtualization, ready to support your business now and in the future. Thin Clients are highly configurable with multiple options for connectivity and local storage. Professional cloud computing, ready to deploy in high demanding environments.


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