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Part Number: F6V97AA#ABB

HP USB External DVDRW Drive

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CHF 60.--

VAT incl.

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CHF 60.-- VAT incl.

The HP USB External DVD Drive is compact, sleek, and fast. Enjoy the convenience of portable storage that is Windows compatible, with USB connectivity, and double-layer recording.

  • 1 year HP Commercial Guarantee


For your on-the-go computing world, convenient media back-up and storage in a plug and play compact accessory. Play from or record to CDs and DVDs.

Save time with the double burning speed of the dual-layer recording capability. Fast disc writing, erasing, and rewriting with speeds up to 8X DVDs and 24X CD.

With an ultra-space saving height of only 9.5 mm, the drive provides a refined low-profile design.

HP’s 1-year limited warranty guarantees you peace of mind.

Technical details

Box contents
What's in the box USB External DVDRW Drive
Warranty card
Weight 0.2 kg
Package weight 0.37 kg
Minimum dimensions (W x D x H) 144 x 137.5 x 14 mm
Package dimensions (W x D x H) 188 x 169 x 40 mm
Warranty 1 year HP Commercial Guarantee

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  • HP ENVY 15-j068ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F6R46EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j098ez Notebook PC (F6R69EA)
  • HP Pavilion 17-e064sz Notebook PC (F6S26EA)
  • HP ENVY 15-j178ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F8R97EA)
  • HP ENVY TouchSmart 15-j180ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F8R98EA)
  • HP Pavilion 17-e130ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F8S02EA)
  • HP Pavilion 17-e150ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F8S03EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j170ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F8S04EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j188ez Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (F8S05EA)
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  • HP ENVY x2 - 13-j070nz (ENERGY STAR) (K2V80EA)
  • HP ENVY x2 - 15-c050nz (ENERGY STAR) (K2V93EA)
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  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab154nz (ENERGY STAR) (K3D71EA)
  • HP OMEN Notebook - 15-5090nz (ENERGY STAR) (K3F63EA)
  • HP ENVY TouchSmart 17-j190nz Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (K3H74EA)
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  • HP Pavilion x2 - 10-k010nz (K8L57EA)
  • HP Pavilion x2 - 10-k011nz (ENERGY STAR) (K8L59EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4090nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Y33EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 13-b230nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z43EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k260nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z48EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k266nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z49EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k269nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z50EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k278nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z51EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p210nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z54EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p216nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z55EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p230nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z58EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p250nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z60EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f220nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z75EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f240nz (ENERGY STAR) (L0Z76EA)
  • HP Pavilion 360 - 13-a240nz (ENERGY STAR) (L1S28EA)
  • HP ENVY x2 - 13-j071nz (ENERGY STAR) (L1S30EA)
  • HP ENVY x2 - 15-c051nz (ENERGY STAR) (L1S33EA)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-u270nz (ENERGY STAR) (L1S43EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-k288nz (ENERGY STAR) (L1S45EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 13-a136nz (ENERGY STAR) (L2C40EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p256nz (ENERGY STAR) (L3R42EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p220nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G56EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-k270nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G69EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4070nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G75EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p207nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G82EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p255nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G83EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p257nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G86EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f237nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4G92EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k277nz (ENERGY STAR) (L4H14EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j186nz Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (L5D92EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j197nz Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (L5D93EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p236nz (ENERGY STAR) (L5E20EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j180nz Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (L5Y55EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f266nz (ENERGY STAR) (L5Y71EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p234nz (ENERGY STAR) (L5Z70EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p244nz (ENERGY STAR) (L5Z71EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f254nz (ENERGY STAR) (L5Z75EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f226nz (ENERGY STAR) (L5Z77EA)
  • HP Stream Notebook - 13-c014nz (ENERGY STAR) (L6Z33EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-k265nz (ENERGY STAR) (L6Z38EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p235nz (ENERGY STAR) (L6Z41EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f245nz (ENERGY STAR) (L6Z53EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4066nz (ENERGY STAR) (L6Z60EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p226nz (ENERGY STAR) (L7A51EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j156nz Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (L9N93EA)
  • HP ENVY 17-j157nz Notebook PC (ENERGY STAR) (M1K55EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab044nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X81EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab050nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X82EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab060nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X83EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab070nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X84EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac010nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X85EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae060nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X90EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae070nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X91EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae080nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X92EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae090nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2X93EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g010nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y06EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g020nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y07EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g030nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y08EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n070nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y25EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n080nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y27EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n090nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y28EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n099nz (ENERGY STAR) (M2Y29EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p263nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3J08EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f263nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3J15EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 11-k010nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3Y44EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s040nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3Y57EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s050nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3Y58EA)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-w060nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3Z10EA)
  • HP OMEN Notebook - 15-5190nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3Z82EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab010nz (ENERGY STAR) (M3Z92EA)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-w070nz (ENERGY STAR) (M4A25EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4077nz (ENERGY STAR) (M6E01EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n071nz (ENERGY STAR) (M7W57EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab011nz (ENERGY STAR) (M9H46EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae061nz (ENERGY STAR) (M9H60EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g011nz (ENERGY STAR) (M9H63EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-r277nz (ENERGY STAR) (N0R54EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac007nz (ENERGY STAR) (N1L30EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae067nz (ENERGY STAR) (N1L86EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n087nz (ENERGY STAR) (N1L89EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac014nz (ENERGY STAR) (N2K01EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac002nz (ENERGY STAR) (N3V78EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac037nz (ENERGY STAR) (N6B27EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 11-k110nz (ENERGY STAR) (N9S64EA)
  • HP OMEN Notebook - 15-5290nz (ENERGY STAR) (N9S77EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab210nz (ENERGY STAR) (N9T05EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab216nz (ENERGY STAR) (N9T06EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae160nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0E85EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g117nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0F00EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae190nz (P0F10EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4170nz (P0F39EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4190nz (P0F41EA)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-w160nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0G88EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g110nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0H02EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g121nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0H06EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n171nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0H29EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n180nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0H30EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n190nz (ENERGY STAR) (P0H31EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab250nz (ENERGY STAR) (P1C19EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4166nz (ENERGY STAR) (P1Q63EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4167nz (P1Q64EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n176nz (ENERGY STAR) (P1R73EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab262nz (ENERGY STAR) (P3M20EA)
  • HP Stream Notebook - 13-c104nz (ENERGY STAR) (P3M65EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac114nz (ENERGY STAR) (P3M99EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab077nz (ENERGY STAR) (P3S31EA)
  • OMEN by HP Laptop PC - 15-ax055nz (ENERGY STAR) (P3T84EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4185nz (ENERGY STAR) (P4A47EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab295nz (ENERGY STAR) (P4A69EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac110nz (ENERGY STAR) (P4A70EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac107nz (ENERGY STAR) (P4H32EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac137nz (ENERGY STAR) (P4H41EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g112nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N40EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab211nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N46EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab260nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N54EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g111nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N65EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g120nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N66EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g130nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N67EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g131nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5N68EA)
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  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae170nz (P5P83EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae166nz (ENERGY STAR) (P5Q06EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 13-s140nz (ENERGY STAR) (P7S85EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae161nz (ENERGY STAR) (P7S96EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n170nz (ENERGY STAR) (P7S99EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab234nz (ENERGY STAR) (T1L62EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g124nz (ENERGY STAR) (T1L77EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab277nz (ENERGY STAR) (T1N32EA)
  • HP Pavilion x2 - 12-b030nz (ENERGY STAR) (T8T04EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac123nz (ENERGY STAR) (T9Q16EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g123nz (ENERGY STAR) (T9Q22EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 - 11-k111nz (ENERGY STAR) (T9Q24EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g113nz (ENERGY STAR) (V0Y20EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae187nz (V2G38EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab266nz (ENERGY STAR) (V2H01EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae185nz (V4M99EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac134nz (V4N73EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae174nz (V4N76EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g116nz (ENERGY STAR) (V4P03EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac147nz (ENERGY STAR) (W2W58EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-af146nz (ENERGY STAR) (W4Y42EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-af150nz (ENERGY STAR) (W6X29EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4191nz (ENERGY STAR) (W8Y38EA)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x017nz (ENERGY STAR) (W9W02EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac199nz (ENERGY STAR) (X4L49EA)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g199nz (ENERGY STAR) (X4L51EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 13-u044nz (ENERGY STAR) (X5B65EA)
  • OMEN by HP Laptop PC - 15-ax044nz (ENERGY STAR) (X5B85EA)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x024nz (ENERGY STAR) (X5C45EA)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x040nz (ENERGY STAR) (X5X70EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4171nz (ENERGY STAR) (X7F81EA)
  • HP Notebook x2 - 10-p015nz (X9Y26EA)
  • HP Stream - 14-ax010nz (X9Y86EA)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-aq150nz (X9Y93EA)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4286nz (ENERGY STAR) (Y6F44EA)
  • HP Stream - 14-ax020nz (Z3D34EA)
  • HP Pavilion - 15-au182nz (Z3D43EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ay147nz (Z3D56EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 13-u144nz (Z3D62EA)
  • HP Pavilion - 15-au144nz (Z3E14EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ay133nz (Z3E25EA)
  • HP Pavilion - 15-au147nz (Z3E98EA)
  • HP Pavilion x360 13-u167nz (Z3F68EA)
  • OMEN by HP - 17-w162nz (Z5E01EA)
  • OMEN by HP - 17-w192nz (Z5E02EA)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x133nz (Z5E44EA)
  • HP ENVY - 15-as165nz (Z5E93EA)
  • HP ENVY - 15-as156nz (Z5F29EA)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x146nz (Z6J43EA)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ay146nz (Z6L92EA)
  • OMEN by HP Laptop PC - 15-ax008nz (Z9A11EA)
  • HP Pavilion x2 - 12-b182nz (Z9A24EA)
  • HP Pavilion x2 - 12-b131nz (Z9A62EA)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x061nz (Z9B32EA)
  • HP Pavilion - 15-au107nz (Z9D76EA)
  • HP OMEN - 17-w156nz (Z9E13EA)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 13-d190nz (E7F19EA#UUZ)
  • OMEN by HP Laptop PC - 15-ax070nz (E9M03EA#UUZ)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4290nz (E9N81EA#UUZ)
  • HP Pavilion x360 11-u020nz (E9P09EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae180nz (P0E86EA#UUZ)
  • HP Chromebook - 11-2200nz (P0F19EA#UUZ)
  • HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab270nz (P1C20EA#UUZ)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4176nz (P3M91EA#UUZ)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x020nz (P3T45EA#UUZ)
  • HP Spectre x2 - 12-a090nz (P4H70EA#UUZ)
  • HP Notebook - 15-ac106nz (T1G02EA#UUZ)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 15-ap070nz (T8T71EA#UUZ)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 15-ap090nz (T8T72EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY Notebook - 15-ae136nz (V2G21EA#UUZ)
  • HP Spectre x360 - 13-4156nz (V4N83EA#UUZ)
  • HP Pavilion x2 - 12-b130nz (X7F77EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY - 13-ab030nz (X9Y03EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY - 13-ab080nz (X9Y06EA#UUZ)
  • HP Notebook x2 - 10-p010nz (X9Y25EA#UUZ)
  • HP Notebook x2 - 10-p020nz (X9Y27EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-aq140nz (X9Y92EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY - 15-as150nz (X9Z00EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY - 15-as190nz (X9Z05EA#UUZ)
  • HP Pavilion x360 13-u140nz (Z3E07EA#UUZ)
  • HP Pavilion - 15-au130nz (Z3E13EA#UUZ)
  • HP Pavilion - 15-au180nz (Z3E21EA#UUZ)
  • HP Notebook - 17-x140nz (Z3E35EA#UUZ)
  • HP ENVY x360 - 15-aq160nz (Z5D35EA#UUZ)


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    Neat and easy to operate

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