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Important Information


Important Information for Customers of the HP online store

July - August 2015

1. Why am I experiencing a delay with the delivery of my order?
During the first week of August, HP will be performing system updates to the HP online store to optimize the buying experience of our customers
During this period, customers may experience longer-than-normal lead times, which can take up to 5 - 7 days from the order date. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

2. I have cancelled/returned my order, when can I expect my refund?
HP will process your refund without undue delay after we have received your cancellation request or returned product and, in case of payment done by bank transfer, your bank account details. In some cases it may however take longer than normal to perform the refunds due to the HP store platform upgrade which will be performed in the first week of August.

3. Why can’t I find Enterprise products like servers, storage and networking on the HP online store?
Enterprise products are no longer sold through the HP online store as HP will separate into two new companies. The following website will however help you to locate an authorized reseller in your area where you can buy enterprise products.
For more information on the HP separation, pls see questions 7 and 8.

4. If I have bought a Server, Storage or Networking product, but want to return it and get a refund, can I still do this?
Yes, there will be no change in the returns and refund process and you can return any product within the timeframe that is stated within the HP Store Terms and Conditions.

5. If I received a defective Server, Storage or Networking product will I still be able to obtain a replacement product?
We will not be able to deliver a replacement product anymore but we will of course accept your return of the product and perform a full refund. Through an authorized reseller (see link under question no. 3) you will be able to re-order the product.

6. Will there be any change to the warranty Terms & Conditions for Enterprise products that I have bought via de HP Online Store?
No, there will be no change in the warranty terms and conditions. The warranty for these products will be fulfilled by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

7. What is the HP Separation?
HP will separate into two new publicly traded Fortune 50 companies.

  • one comprising HP’s market-leading personal systems and printing businesses will continue to do business as HP Inc. and retain the current logo.
  • one that will comprise HP’s market-leading enterprise technology infrastructure, software and services businesses and will do business as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

8. What type of products will I be able to buy on the HP online store after the separation?
After the separation, the HP online store will continue to sell its market leading line-up of personal systems and printing products, ranging from Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations and Tablets to Printers, Supplies and a wide range of accessories.


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