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Frequently asked questions


About HP DataPass

What is HP DataPass?

HP DataPass simplifies connecting to the Internet by including mobile broadband service in addition to Wi-Fi. The mobile broadband service and monthly data package provides a connection when Wi-Fi is not available and is already included with your device. HP DataPass is ready out-of-the box, simply turn-on, register, and connect to the Internet, with no contract.

Why is it different from Wi-Fi?

Mobile data or mobile broadband uses cellular networks in the same way as cell phones and has a much broader coverage area than Wi-Fi hotspots which are localized to a specific Wi-Fi network.

Why don’t I go to my Operator for service?

Because HP has made it easy. A device with HP DataPass is ready out-of-the-box with no need to get a contract or sign up for a carrier plan. Just turn on, register, and connect, it’s that easy.

What will it cost?

Nothing. HP DataPass automatically includes a mobile data bundle for each month during the lifetime of the service.

What if I need more data than is included?

If you use up your included data you will be notified and additional data packages can be purchase whenever you need it at low pre-paid rates. And your included data bundle will be refreshed every month automatically.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, the data bundle included with HP DataPass only requires that you register with the HP DataPass system and activate service. No credit card or contract is required to activate the service.

Can I also use DataPass while I’m abroad?

Yes, in all countries in which HP DataPass is available in the market.

Can I also access the Internet abroad via the included monthly data packet?

Yes, in every country in which DataPass devices are sold. There are no roaming charges.

How high is the included data volume?

For Switzerland 200 MB per month for 2 years. The services are fully available to you month after month during the entire service period. If required, you can purchase additional data packets at any time.

What happens after ‘lifetime of service’?

The monthly included data bundles are provided for 24 months from the original purchase date of your device. After that time, you may choose to use Wi-Fi only, or continue to use HP DataPass by purchasing additional data bundles when you want, still with no contract.

What is HP Mobile Connect and how is it related to HP DataPass?

HP Mobile Connect is a pre-paid, mobile broadband service focused on select commercial products and customers who travel regularly, offering pay-as-you-go international roaming at competitive rates. HP DataPass provides customers with mobile broadband service and includes a monthly data package, but does not include roaming plans.

Using HP DataPass

How do I register?

Registration is easy. Open up a browser and go to and you’ll be walked through the registration process. If you are out of range of Wi-Fi and your mobile data is turned on you’ll be automatically directed to the registration page when you open a browser. After registration, you’ll be asked to download the HP DataPass app that will make managing your service easy.

How do I connect to the service?

Once you have registered you’ll be automatically connected to Wi-Fi or the mobile data service if Wi-Fi is not available.

What happens when I’ve used up my included data?

When you’ve used up your data, you’ll be notified by email and your HP DataPass app and can purchase additional data bundles using your credit card. Requests using the web browser will be automatically redirected to the HP DataPass Web Portal. If you choose not to purchase an additional data bundle you will only be able to use Wi-Fi connectivity until your monthly anniversary, when you’ll receive a fresh mobile data bundle.

How do I top-up mobile data?

You can purchase a variety of additional data bundles using the HP DataPass portal at Or if you have an Android or Windows 8.1 device you can use the HP DataPass app. You’ll be asked for your credit card information, but there is no long-term commitment – buy what you want, when you want.

How does the data meter work?

The data meter shows you how much mobile data you have available from the included data as well as any purchased data bundles along with the date that the bundles expire.

Why do I have to download an app?

The HP DataPass app gives you the best experience for tracking data usage, provides alerts when your data is low and for purchasing additional data bundles and other services. For Android you can download the app from Google Play. In Windows 8 the app will be installed automatically when connectivity is established.

What countries is the service available?

Currently the service is available in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland with more countries added in the future.

What happens when I travel to another HP DataPass country?

If you are abroad, you can continue to benefit from HP DataPass services without additional charges.

How do I determine the remaining data on my account?

You can determine the amount of data remaining on your account by accessing your HP DataPass account through the web portal or HP DataPass app.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password or manage your account settings, access the "My Account” page from the HP DataPass app or HP DataPass web portal. If you are having issues logging in, click “Forgot password?” located on the HP DataPass sign in page on the web or in the app. You will then receive an email with a new password.

How do I change my username/email?

To reset your username/email, access the "Account” page from the HP DataPass app or HP DataPass web portal. A verification email will be sent to your new email address. If you have not verified your email within 30 days, you will be redirected to the portal on any browser request.

How do I cancel an upgrade to my plan?

  • 1. Navigate to the web portal and log in to your account or open the HP DataPass app.
  • 2. Go to "Purchase Data".
  • 3. Select “Included 250 MB” and your monthly paid plan will be canceled effective on your date of renewal.
  • 4. Provided you have not used any of the purchased data, you may request a refund up to 14 days from the date of purchase. Please contact support to request a refund.

My included data will soon expire. How do I renew?

You will receive a new included data bundle automatically on the date of your monthly renewal or can choose to purchase an additional data bundle or recurring monthly service.


I can’t register - what’s wrong?

You’ll need to have access to the internet in order to register.

Using the HP DataPass client:

  • 1. Using the HP DataPass client you can register over WiFi or cellular networks.
  • 2. Ensure that HP DataPass is displayed in the network status field of your device (with 3G symbol and signal bars indicating reception) or that you have permission to use the nearby WiFi service.
  • 3. Open the HP DataPass app and use the registration page to activate the service.

Using the HP DataPass Web Portal:

  • 1. Turn off your Wi-Fi connectivity temporarily.
  • 2. Ensure that HP DataPass (or cellular operator name) is displayed in the network status field of your device, with 3G or H symbol and signal bars indicating reception. If you don’t have connectivity, please make sure that the HP DataPass SIM card is inside your device. Then restart your device.
  • 3. Ensure that cookies are enabled in the browser.
  • 4. Ensure APN is set to (please see the device manual for instructions on how to access APN settings).
  • 5. Navigate to and follow the instructions.

If the device has been registered on HP DataPass before please contact HP:

Switzerland (French):
0848 672 672

Switzerland (German):
0848 672 672

I can’t connect – what’s wrong?

You need to be in either Wi-Fi or mobile coverage for HP DataPass to work. You must have permission to use 3rd party Wi-Fi networks.

I can’t top-up (add data) – what’s wrong?

You must have either Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage to be able to top or purchase additional data bundles using the HP DataPass app or web portal. The HP DataPass service will let you top up even if you have run out of your included or purchase data bundle.

I can’t roam with my HP device – what’s wrong?

The HP DataPass service is only supported in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Data plans that give you access in all these countries are available for purchase in the app and on the web portal. Roaming outside of the HP DataPass countries is currently not available.

My credit card has been charged without my notice – why?

If you chose to upgrade to a paid monthly plan your credit card will be charged automatically on the date of your monthly renewal until you decide to cancel your payments. Log on to your HP DataPass account to view and manage your plans.

Additional questions:

Can I take out the HP SIM card and introduce another one with a different operator/plan?

You can replace the SIM card with one from another operator but you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of HP DataPass services or use the included data that come with the purchase of this device.

How do I request a replacement SIM?

Contact HP Service:

If the device has been registered on HP DataPass before please contact HP:

Switzerland (French):
0848 672 672

Switzerland (German):
0848 672 672

I removed the preloaded SIM and try to use it in another tablet, but it doesn't work, why?

The SIM that comes with this device is designed to work with the HP DataPass service and will not work in another device.

Can I pay from my bank account as I do with my operator?

HP DataPass is designed to only work with credit card billing and PayPal at this time.

Can I make/receive calls? Send/receive SMS?

HP DataPass is a data only service for seamless connectivity and does not support mobile voice calls or SMS.

Can I use my data in another HP device?

The HP DataPass service is linked to this device and SIM card and cannot be used in another device.

Can I get an extra HP DataPass SIM card to use with my other HP device?

The HP devices that work with HP DataPass service will already be preloaded with the HP DataPass SIM card that is linked to that device.

What happens if my device is lost or stolen?

If your device is lost or stolen contact HP to suspend your service at:

If the device has been registered on HP DataPass before please contact HP:

Switzerland (French):
0848 672 672

Switzerland (German):
0848 672 672

Can I transfer my device to someone else?

You can transfer the device to another person but you must go to the HP DataPass portal or client to change your personal information prior to transferring the device.

Does the included Wi-Fi data connection take off from my data bundle?

Data used in home, office or Wi-Fi networks selected by you will not deduct from your data bundle.

Can I add a PIN code to my SIM card?

The PIN code is disabled by default. You first have to enable the PIN with the default code 0000 in order set your own personal PIN code. If you enter the wrong PIN code more than twice your SIM card will be locked and you need to contact the support to receive the PUK code that will unlock your SIM.


HP DataPass service starts on date of your registration of your device. Use or activation of HP DataPass service is your agreement to Fogg Mobile AB’s Terms and Conditions who provide this service on HP’s behalf of HP. Subject to network availability HP DataPass entitles customer to [200MB] inclusive data usage every month for two years from the date of registration. Your included monthly data package supports roaming if you registered in France, Germany, Netherlands or Switzerland. For all other countries your included monthly data package is for use in your registered country only. Additional HP DataPass mobile data plans are also available to purchase for use in country and travelling within the HP DataPass countries, please visit the following link for HP DataPass availability Data connection speeds can vary due to location, environment, network conditions, and other factors. Available on select HP PCs and Tablets SKUs in select countries only, check the following link for HP DataPass availability


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