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HP 4 jaar, Computrace Data Protection Service

€ 101,64

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Praat met een specialist over dit product.

€ 101,64 incl. btw

Millions of people worldwide have had their data potentially compromised by laptop loss and theft. It is now impossible to ignore the growing data security crisis, much of it caused by laptop thefts from high-profile corporations, government agencies, and educational and healthcare institutions. A multi-layered security strategy is required to protect computer hardware and the data it contains. With a few proactive data security steps, organizations like yours can avoid the potential lawsuits, fines, public scrutiny, and loss of business that can result from a lost or stolen computer. HP Computrace Data Protection service provides a robust, multi-layered security solution that allows organizations and IT professionals to centrally track and secure their IT assets within a single cloud-based console. Computrace Data Protection allows organizations to: • Prove regulatory compliance: it addresses data protection issues and remotely deletes confidential information regardless of user or location. Most importantly, organizations can remotely invoke preemptive or reactive security measures to safeguard each device and the data it contains. • Maintain a fleet of efficiently running devices: It enforces software policies by detecting unauthorized software or missing hardware, and creates predefined alerts to manage appropriate use policies. It also provides accurate device tracking so that you can easily identify computers that are at risk or missing. HP has worked directly with Absolute Software to embed the Computrace Persistence Module in the firmware of many HP commercial computers as well as selected desktop and workstation models. The Computrace Data Protection service is available through the HP direct sales force and HP partners. This service, along with other HP Care Pack services, provides you with the necessary technology to protect your assets and secure your data.



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HP 4 jaar, Computrace Data Protection Service

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